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To respond and act on the world around us, DCHI offers learning opportunities. Our thought leadership is captured as DCHI Academy. It spotlights programmes and projects from the organisations in the coalition. It also provides you access to the (online) events and exercises to build on academic knowledge and experiences. It will help you achieve your humanitarian aid and development goals.

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DCHI Humanitarian Innovation Course Now Available Online

DCHI offers a course Humanitarian Innovation to all professionals in the humanitarian and development sector. The course is divided in several modules starting with the basics of innovation and examples of application, and also sharing with you what it takes to innovate in the humanitarian developmental context and what it can mean for an organisation.

The course, assest with 25 participants in February 2021, consists of 5 modules with a focus on innovation within the ecosystem, it’s challenges and how to manage these. Several innovators from the humanitarian field will provide cases studies and learnings. The online course is now available as a MOOC on the humanitarian leadership academy platform, Kaya Connect.

Why register for our Innovation Course

  • Course Work & Materials are 100% Online
  • Insights and Case Studies from humanitarian experts and private-sector partnerships. 
  • Frontrunning innovators will provide methods and design principles for humanitarian partnerships that enable cost efficiency and improve quality of humanitarian work. 


Course Currucilum 2021

Week 1 – How might we …..Innovate? By Beatriz Humell, Van Hall Larenstein University

An introduction to the course, where we’ll review the program and share our main innovation challenges. Van Hall Larenstein University will facilitate an introduction on innovation in the humanitarian field with some great examples. Note that all lessons will be interactive and groupwork is required during the sessions. Participants will also have the opportunity to receive feedback on their assignments during the session.

Week 2 – Open Innovation Challenges & benefits By Alwin Veldboom, Outside Inc & Anton van Wijk, Dorcas & Lars Stevens, 510 Ned. Rode Kruis

‘What is open innovation and what are its main challenges & benefits?’ That is the question that will take center stage during this session hosted by a DCHI partner. A case study will be presented by 510 from the Netherlands Red Cross.

Week 3 – Humanitarian innovation Deep Dive by Iskandar Tange and Claire Bloemendaal, Fronteer & Case Study by Frank Velthuizen, WarChild

This week together with a DCHI partner, we’ll do a deep dive into how to innovate within an ecosystem & with multiple stakeholders. This weeks case study will be presented by War Child.

Week 4 – Entrepreneurship by Leonoor Akkermans, Van Hall Larenstein University & Case Study by Cecilia Ragazzi, Mercy Corps

In this session Van Hall Larenstein University will elaborate on the importance of entrepreneurship when innovating. We’ll do a quick review on learning loops and the case study will be presented by Mercy Corps.

Week 5 – How to Manage the Innovation Funnel? by Dirk Deichman, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University & Case Study by Lucian Lee, International Rescue Committee

How do you manage an innovation funnel? How do you ensure a regular influx of fresh ideas? DCHI will share a selection of the myriad possibilities out there and their take on how to go about this. The International Rescue Committe will share a case study.

DCHI Library

Here’s where you will get instant access to digital textbooks, artciles, podcasts, video’s and soundclouds to activate the innovator in you. The DCHI library is an Everythingshelf updated every 3-4 months. We encourage you to share your Mustreads to challenge the current listings!


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DCHI Simulation Game

In 2019 DCHI introduced our playful simulation through a role-play game on collaboration! DCHI Simulation is designed to explore key elements of innovation and deploy collaboration for humanitarian aid. It is now available for you and your peers in a ready-to-play box. It is now available for you and your peers in a ready-to-play box.

The game actively encourages participants to empathise with the needs and interests of other stakeholders. Through using assigned roles to come up with innovations when faced with a fictional humanitarian scenario. The simulation accommodates up to 16 players but we advise you to respect the COVID-19 regulations. You can order your DCHI Simulation board and cards including professional guidance here.