For every new Challenge, there is an Opportunity

To facilitate the DCHI community in even more ways to make change, DCHI is actively reaching out to engage and connect humanitarian actors. With it, the coalition has launched Source2Gather. A new way working for effective aid and development. In this online marketplace solution providers and opportunity seekers are supported to increase their local impact. It is a way for the coalition to put organisational values into action. In times of pressing needs during COVID19 DCHI launched the content platform in April 2020:The platform is fully interactive, to make sure that we can gather your input, and continue sharing information. You can share a challenge you feel we’ve missed, an existing solution or general feedback.

Connect all Humanitarian Innovators

The DCHI Library will gain you knowledge and practical insights from academics, business experts, and (non)profit challenge owners! As true thought leaders DCHI’s Innovation Managers have captured their proof based, learnings, innovation insights and inspirational media tips to keep you moving. The coalition is there to help you innovate and to make sure humanitarian work is effectively connected.

Make sure these connections create a sustainable impact, join the course or play the DCHI simualtion game!

A proven three-step model WANT – FIND – GET

Humanitarian processes are complex, time-consuming and costly. Instead of fundraising as a starting point, problem definition and articulation are needed. DCHI has facilitated and validated in the diverse stages of innovation, such as scaling strategies, supporting proof based decision making, designing a plan of action and standardised reporting. Therefore this model based on the ‘want find get manage’ (WFGM) model, is applicable to organisations and companies of all sizes and industries, and has already been examined and documented in past research. For DCHI and it’s actors it is being used as the foundation and will be modified and expanded with additional detail and other models.

DCHI has been prototyping these methods since its foundation. Read more about the results of the Humanitarian Accelerator Programmes on Energy, Living with Floods and Safety and Protection.