Test innovation steps

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How do we make briquettes more affordable to IDPS?

IDPs are dependent on firewood as a fuel for their energy. This is harmful to the environment, difficult to attain, and inefficient.

A solution exists: briquettes.

But how do we make them more affordable to IDPs?


Save the environment Ethiopia & university of Nottingham

Each of the partners bring individual experience to the project.

The University of Nottingham brings technical skills, energy technology design, and implementation.

Save the Environment Ethiopia, a local Ethiopian NGO, brings experience of working in refugee camps across the country, as well as some experience of briquette programming.


Innovation lies in the local, tailored approach

There are already some ideas on the table: circular bamboo farms and the use of invasive plant species. But the real innovation lies in the local, tailored approach and the attempt to truly understand how the local economy, both supply and demand side, can be shaped and encouraged to get commitment for a wider production and usage of briquettes over firewood.


A strong foundation and building an innovation mindset

Yes, briquettes might not be the end goal in the energy transition. But we have to look at local conditions and capacities and adapt to that. If you can get someone to transition from an open fire to a briquette-oriented solution, then you should see it as a stepping stone to a sustainable future.