HumanSurge is an HR platform with more than ten twelve thousand registered users, which so far has enabled many people to find a job in the humanitarian sector and has provided aid organisations with a good insight into available talent for both long and short term missions. Through this HumanSurge enabled NGOs to scale-up operations in emergencies such as the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh.

HumanSurge is born out of the experiences working in humanitarian aid of founder Loek Peeters himself. Working in incomplete teams, or having nobody coming to replace someone (asking the aid worker to stay, while a break would be recommended). The sector seemed stuck in a perceived scarcity of aid workers, while Loek argues it is more of a disconnect between finding available aid workers around the world and the ad-hoc job postingswork and the perceived scarcity of aid workers in organisations. the founder explained how between jobs he began to read about the start-up methodology and applied that to his own platform, steadily growing into the succesful solution of today.


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