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Innovation need(s)

World Vision is looking for the right tools, whether they include a notice board used for communication with communities, or a system that facilitates cash transfers to refugees. As technology has advanced, World Vision is always looking to adopt and develop tools that contribute to the efficiency, impact and tracking of our work, as well as the work of the broader humanitarian industry.
While finances may play a role, we are looking for collaborations and partnerships are also about skill-sharing, staff volunteering, advocacy, innovation, learning and research and complementary actions. By leveraging each other’s investments and work, this means reach, coverage and impact are extended – providing crucial assistance to communities and children in times of crises.

Innovative solution(s) we are working on

World Vision has been working on many innovative solututions. For example LMMS. LMMS is a stand-alone technology solution that we developed in collaboration with the IT industry. It combines software applications with custom hardware to digitise (and simplify) beneficiary registration, verification, distribution planning and management, monitoring and reporting with the ability to integrate with third party applications. Our collaboration with MasterCard aims to transform aid delivery through the adoption of electronic payment services, that include World Vision’s Last Mile Mobile Solutions (LMMS) and the MasterCard Aid Network, and strengthen business practices, such as digital identity standards.
While LMMS, focuses on the “last mile” the focus of NTS is the other end of the supply chain, ensuring efficiencies through real-time information of procurement, logistics and warehousing. Through NTS, our staff are able to monitor the entire journey of items from procurement through to dispatch. The system was piloted in the response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines allowing challenges to be identified and managed. It has since been fully deployed in our response to the May 2015 earthquake in Nepal
Furthermore World Vision is looking for innovative ways to tackle nutrition in the World. As example, together with DSM we have been working on innovative projects to tackle nutrition through food fortification.
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