Warp VR


– Guido Helmerhorst (

Innovation need(s)

Enabling all people to have access to real-world experiences that empower them to thrive in life, career and beyond. That is what we at Warp Industries want to achieve.

Education, training, continuous learning, learning by experience, on the job, are all words that in one way or another describe the challenges we can solve.

Our VR solution enables people – via their own mobile phone – to be in situations where they can learn by doing.

Innovative solution(s) we are working on

We build tools to create, discover & share interactive 360˚ video VR learning experiences for all types of situational training.

Warp Studio is our web platform to easily create, distribute and analyze your own VR training courses. No IT skills needed and highly flexible: we can help you all the way, but you can also DIY. Up to you.

When you want to create awareness or train people: request a demo and experience the effectiveness & scalability of VR training. Powered by Warp.

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