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Innovation need(s)

War Child is looking to build multi-disciplinary teams of expert practitioners with experience that could contribute to the further development of three of the interventions and enabling trajectories that make up our Care System.

The three interventions are related to stigma reduction, entry to care and community-driven child protection. Do you or your company have relevant expertise to help push these trajectories forward? Get in touch!

Innovative solution(s) we are working on

1. Stigma Reduction
Stigma is a negative bias against a group or individual based on social norms. Stigma can become more widespread and intense in contexts of humanitarian crisis – and its effects can be devastating. War Child is developing a Stigma Reduction Approach that can be implemented effectively in all contexts for all populations. The approach supports the reintegration of affected children and families into their communities.

The approach will be evidence-based – and one key challenge we anticipate is the need for robust data analysis to ensure the proper adaptation of relevant strategies. We are now looking to work with data experts – get in touch before May 9!

2. Community Driven Child Protection
Protective mechanisms often break down in contexts of humanitarian crisis – leaving children exposed to risks such as sexual abuse and recruitment into armed groups. Protection initiatives are most relevant and sustainable when owned and driven by community members. Yet this process is time-consuming – and humanitarian needs require urgent responses.

We are working to address this division – with a community-driven protection intervention that can be implemented rapidly in a variety of humanitarian contexts. Want to collaborate with us? Get in touch before May 9!

3. Detection
Millions of children living with mental health problems currently receive no treatment for their condition. They are denied access to potentially life-saving services – which means innovative new solutions are urgently required. War Child has developed a tool to tackle the major challenges children face in accessing care.

The Community Case Detection Tool (CCDT) serves to increase awareness among community members and strengthen their skills to identify MH problems among children and youth. The tool assists in identification – and we now need expertise to develop new solutions to improve access and take-up of MH services, potentially through off- and on-line platforms and tools, relevant for humanitarian and protracted crises contexts. Interested to brainstorm? Get in touch before May 9!

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