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UNICEF Netherlands


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Innovation need(s)

At UNICEF, innovation is about taking emerging approaches and tools, and testing how they can be applied across contexts. If successful, we scale them to positively impact children and young people around the world. This also means partnering with the private sector, research institutions, and local entrepreneurs in new ways, demonstrating how doing good is good business.

Innovative solution(s) we are working on

We use technology and new approaches to do three things:
1. Provide Life-saving Info and Services
We use new approaches and technologies to increase access to essential services, use scarce resources more efficiently, and communicate life-saving information.
2. Engage Young People in Change
We use technology and new approaches to engage young people around the world, connect them to their governments as well as opportunities to ensure that they are future ready.
3. Help UNICEF meet children’s needs today and tomorrow
We identify emerging technologies, conduct research, experiment with new approaches, and invest in early stage solutions. We work to ensure that children can take advantage of technological opportunities and be protected from technological risks.

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