Translators without Borders


– Grace Tang (

Innovation need(s)

Translators without Borders is developing language technology to enable speakers of marginalized languages to choose the information they access and voice their needs, in their own language. We want to collaborate and partner with with community, technology and humanitarian actors to create fit-for-purpose language solutions for more effective and equitable respectful two-way communication.

Gamayun, the language equality initiative

Innovative solution(s) we are working on

TWB believes everyone has a right to information in a language they understand. Yet half the world’s population can’t access information that they need and understand because it’s not available in their language. TWB wants to change this, so we’ve launched Gamayun, an initiative to promote language equality. Gamayun combines language technology and machine learning to collect voice and text data. We will use that data to develop tools that provide communities with direct access and open communication. Gamayun will enable a two-way conversation so all people, especially those that speak marginalized languages, can have a voice.

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