OffGrid Box


– Bas Berends (

Innovation need(s)

We want to team up with partners involved with providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief. We are also interested in innovative financing mechanisms to make sure operations are financially sustainable, rather than just depend on grants.

Innovative solution(s) we are working on

We provide renewable energy and clean water to remote areas. Our OffgridBox (2x2x2m), has solar panels on the top and a purification system inside. Deployed in a rural community or a refugee camp, it can provide up to 2000 people with power through battery packs as well as purified water. We have installed our unit in 10 different countries, with a focus on Africa. Currently discussing deployment in refugee camps in Rwanda. We are currently working on a desalination model for island and coastal communities. We also have a hybrid version, which can provide our services to both individual households and health clinics, using a microgrid.

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