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Innovation need(s)

Mercy Corps is deeply focused on some of the world’s most fragile (toughest) places, where needs are greatest and challenges significant. We work in partnerships to build stronger communities from within, always learning and adapting to changing contexts. We adapt to shifting contexts by building new partnerships and relationships that further our reach and by investing in new ways to spark, scale and sustain change. We systematically test and scale innovative new models for assistance that hold promise to more efficiently and effectively deliver social impact worldwide.
We know that no single organization can solve the challenges we see every day, and no single solution can address the complex set of issues contributing to extreme poverty and suffering. The evolving, intertwining challenges of conflict, corruption, poor governance and climate change require a new approach to humanitarian aid and development. That means bigger thinking, bolder action, and bringing together expertise, ideas, tools and resources in support of the shared goal of creating a better world. We tailor partnerships to the unique objectives of each partner and the opportunities to leverage multiple assets of each organization, including financial resources, employee talent, product, customer engagement for greater global impact.

Innovative solution(s) we are working on

Mercy Corps partnered with the International Rescue Committee, with support from, Cisco, Microsoft and TripAdvisor, to develop Signpost, an online resource designed to help refugees in Greece and along the Balkan route connect to critical information and resources. The program was expanded into Italy and Jordan to reach refugees, asylum seekers and crisis-affected communities with critical, geographic-specific information in multiple languages. More than 1 million unique visitors have accessed the site since it launched in 2015, and we are now assessing the program’s potenti al to expand into additional areas, including Colombia, France, Mali, Niger, Tunisia and Libya.

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