Life From Water


– Loai Hesham (

Innovation need(s)

R&D : We are always seeking cooperation in the R&D field to further develop and customize our water filters to decrease the cost , increase the sustainability and solve more complex water challenges.

Sustainability : We seek to cooperate with other organisations that are specialized in capacity building , micro financing and M&E to further increase the sustainability of our projects

Sanitation : There is a huge gap in the sanitation sector in the rural communities which is a crucial part in the WASH programs, We are actively seeking cooperation with innovative and cost efficient solution providers in that sector to implement in our projects.

Investments : We are actively reaching for Funds and investment to further Develop our sustainable water filters as well as investing in the market penetration in the rural communities transforming them from beneficiaries into empowered partners and customers.

Innovative solution(s) we are working on

Life From Water is a non profit foundation specialized in delivering sustainable , innovative and cost efficient water solutions to rural communities in Africa working as the on ground technical partner and business services provider for leading development organisation.

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