KNVB WorldCoaches


– Nassim Abba (

Innovation need(s)

WorldCoaches is active in different countries and continents all over the world. To successfully achieve our programme goals, we work with local organisations who are our eyes and ears on the ground.

As an organisation we are looking to build new, efficient and smart partnerships with local organisations, in order to share/profit from expertise, manpower and resources.

In our partnerships we are confronted with various challenges such as:

We are keen to learn and share experience with partners that deal with the same challenges.

Finally, we are constantly working on improving/developing our M&E structure. We are eager to learn how partners work develop their M&E systems. How they do they for example:

Innovative solution(s) we are working on

Because of the nature of our work we are constantly working on making our programme deployable in different contexts. A plug and play programme that is able to be used in the context of emergency relief, but also for example in a capacity-building oriented or a health-oriented programme. Moreover, we are constantly assessing the impact and added value of our programme by working together with the University of Utrecht on the curriculum of life skills within our programs. Finally, we also work together with partners on efficient/smart ways of using clothing materials (by for e.g. recycling and reusing) for our programs.

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