Klimop Energy


– Jelena Popovic (

Innovation need(s)

We are looking for partners active in sourcing and implementing energy solutions in humanitarian contexts, with whom we can partner to deploy our solutions (including small-scale pilots).

Innovative solution(s) we are working on

Klimop Energy is a start-up developing innovative off-grid solutions for unelectrified households worldwide and are, due to their bottom-up nature, also very suitable for fast deployment in humanitarian contexts. Our concept is based on energy-autonomous household appliances, such as (TV, microwave oven, refrigerator etc) that come with their own integrated solar energy provision. This enables an affordable, plug-and-play approach giving direct access to information and entertainment, cooling and cooking. The television set comes with a port for mobile phone charging and portable, rechargeable LED lights that can be charged on the TV. We can offer these solutions to partners to be deployed in diverse humanitarian contexts (refugee camps, small health centers etc).

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