Hack the Planet


– Tim van Deursen (

Innovation need(s)

We offer short innovation tracks of 2-5 day’s called were our engineers work on a technical challenge. We are expert in the fields of software development, VR, AR, Machine learning, AI, etc. Hack the Planet is part of Q42, a software agency of 80+ engineers. Our team focuses on bringing the latest tech innovations to parties that are making a positive contribution to our world. We are looking for parties that want to challenge us with one or two challenges they have.

Innovative solution(s) we are working on

Hack the Planet delivered a broad range of different projects. Many of our projects can be found on our website. Among many other projects we did:

– Flying autonomous drone for Greenpeace (project SkyHawq)

– Riding autonomous drone for WWF and Red Cross (project GroundHawq)

– Detecting poachers in national parcs for WWF Zambia (project Hack the Poacher)

– VR experience for humanitarian war rights for Red Cross

We also develop our own projects, like the following:

– Documentary Meet the Soldier

– VR experience to battle social isolation amongst the eldery

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