GMV Innovating Solutions


– Dr Elsa Carla De Grandi (

Innovation need(s)

GMV is looking to provide useful and timely information to the Aid and Development community with a systematic, consistent and accurate monitoring of direct (conflicts, environmental degradation, and disasters) and indirect migrations drivers (e.g. food security) to support the prevention and management of current and future crises. We are seeking partners that would be interested in addressing their needs with the help of a suite of Earth Observation technology. Get in touch if interested!

Innovative solution(s) we are working on

GMV is working on several projects, supported by the ESA Integrated Applications Promotion Programme (BIGMIG, SMEETH and SMARTGrids). BIGMIG focuses on the use of space-based big data to support aid and development organisations facing the challenge of preventing and managing forced migration. Artificial Intelligence based methods are used to extract previously untapped information from coupled Earth Observation and GPS data sources and form it into geospatial products which can be used to make a real difference to those unfortunate to be affected. BIGMIG data products will empower organisations to better carry out their decision-making processes and goals by equipping them with actionable information more accurate and frequent than their usual. By providing this information in a format that meets the needs of those which can enact upon it, the BIGMIG project targets the two main driving mechanisms of forced migration: hunger and poverty. The BIGMIG demonstration scenario aims to reduce forced migration rates in northern Mozambique by increasing the resilience of the Mozambican population through an enhancement of food security. The project aims to develop a system capable of automatic generation of relevant LULC and crop-related information Website

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