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– Helen Barley (

Innovation need(s)

We are seeking partners to support us to deepen our evidence base around the wellbeing and resilience of humanitarian staff. In addition, we are also seeking integrations of our staff wellbeing programme into more structural mechanisms within the sector (e.g. insurance provisions). Please be in touch if this is something you are interested in engaging further on!

Innovative solution(s) we are working on

Remote Stress Management Support for Humanitarians
We are developing a Mobile App which can support humanitarians to more effectively manage stress when in the field. We are seeking inputs from humanitarians themselves to co-create the content and ensure it is relevant for them. For example we are offering situational mindfulness sessions (e.g. Pre-Coordination Meeting Meditation).

Partner-centred research on humanitarian wellbeing & resilience

We are seeking to design and implement an innovative longitudinal research study on wellbeing in the humanitarian sector and factors to mitigate burnout. Currently there is a lack of data on this issue so we would like to explore possible avenues of a tripartite collaboration between a research institution, an international NGO and Garrison Institute International (GII).

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