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Innovation need(s)

In line with the Dorcas ToC we work on Innovation in order:

1. To give people sustainably access to a  basic services (eg. clean water, fuel)  and  have a positive impact on the livehoods of people and communities
2. To create (new) jobs and  opportunities for (self) employment
3. To  improve the position of women
4. To enable people and communities to respond to environment change

However, Dorcas will not develop technical innovations by itself. Dorcas is interested to be in contact with actors that  offer inclusive, equitable and innovative products and services or partner with organisation with the criteria that :
1.  There is  demand for the product
2. Dorcas does not need to become the “owner” of “ the technological innovation”.
3. Innovations are out of the technical testing phase
4. It is  possible to organize and/or provide  the maintenance at community level.
5. The necessary community or supply chain structures are or can be put in place and people receive some type of reward (either cash or in kind)
6. The Innovation benefits and is affordable to the target groups
7. It has the potential for scaling.
8. The  technology should not replace or distort the market

Innovative solution(s) we are working on

Examples of innovations Dorcas is or has been working on are ICT solutions that allow mobile banking,   give access to knowledge, for early warning systems as well as technological solutions in the area of environment change including the use of clean and energy efficient cookstoves, briquette and pelletproduction, off grid energy production (renewable energy )and productive use of energy and health solutions through introduction of re-usable menstrual pads.

The role of Dorcas  and key activities will be  :
1. Facilitate in start-up and contextualization of proven technologies, this can include testing of new approaches whereby the technology is an integral part
2. Development of  inclusive and viable business and revenue models
3. Facilitate training and capacity development of  local  SME’s, artisans, maintenance people etc.
4. Facilitate process for  Inclusive market  development
5. To liaise with MFI’s
6. Facilitation and communication with MSP
7. To report and share project results
8. Stimulate and facilitate scaling to new area

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