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– Benjamin Denef (

Innovation need(s)

DMOA architects is on a mission to introduce sustainable, circular and ecological standards in humanitarian infrastructure, as it is more and more standard in the European building context. This can lead to lower costs of ownership, less CO2 exhaust, higher standards for people in need and more effective project outcomes in humanitarian response. With our non profit dept. Maggie Program we built (and will build) our own pilot projects in Cameroon, Iraq, Kenya and Bangladesh. To accelerate this process of introducing new insights, we are looking for humanitarian partners active on site and with specific infrastructural needs. So we can team up to customize the solution for this need and go and build more pilot projects together. This is the only way to speed up the process and to close the technological gap between the private and humanitarian infrastructural sector as fast as possible. We are capable with Maggie Program to work in all phases of the project, from feasibility study, to custom design, to logistics, to building on site and finally delivering. So we are looking for partners who dare to jump out of the comfort zone and co-create!

Innovative solution(s) we are working on

Everything started for our office with the Maggie shelter innovation. It’s a sustainable, circular and ecological solution to shelter disadvantaged and displaced people around the world in areas hard to reach. The Maggie is a shelter that looks like a tent but has the virtues of a fixed building by filling the double layered walls and roof with materials that are locally available like sand, insulation and even plastic waste with the help of the local community. By doing this, the infrastructure becomes a safe, sturdy, highly insulated solution with a lifespan of more than 15 years. As mentioned above we guide humanitarian actors through a process of rethinking their approach for typical infrastructural needs by offering smart decision tools that show the advantages of sustainable, ecological and circular infrastructure. We customize each project (school, medical ward, cold chain storage,…) for the specific actor so it can be an exemplary case for their future upscaling. The maggie is only a result of a design process, but the outcome can be much more if each actor joins this co-creative journey with us.

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