You’re invited to our breakfast session @impactfest 2020 to launch our humanitarian challenge award!

Invitation to identifytodays humanitarian challenges 

The Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation (DCHI)and Impact City are delighted to invite you to kick start the DCHI 2020 Humanitarian Challenge AwardThis competition is open for Humanitarian Organisations interested in tackling today’s most pressing issues for the sector, with a chance to win a € 10,000 award, alongside further innovation consultation to see your project through. 

Food for thought 

If we truly want to create more impact in the face of a crisis, we need to start asking the right questions. 

The more time spent on understanding the challenge we are up against, the less the likelihood of developing an inappropriate solution. Both DCHI and Impact City strongly believe in the power of collaborating across different sectors, to gain the maximum potential expertise on offer. Often however, organisations are still struggling to harmonise their problems with appropriate partners and solutions. A key phase within DCHIs successful Accelerator Programmes focuses on clearly articulating the specific challenge to be tackled in the field. This important phase gives humanitarians the ideal business card that can help search for inspiring collaborators, and investors, in order to take a project to the next level of impact.  

Post-2020 Humanitarian Challenges 

The year 2020 has brought new and existing challenges to the forefront of humanitarian aid. DCHIs initiative Source2Gather recognised the need and opportunity to articulate these new challenges and match them with solution providers. Our award with Impact City seeks to build on these efforts, by exploring how we can articulate today’s most pressing humanitarian challenges following the global pandemic. All the information you need to take part in the Humanitarian Challenge Award or join will be available soon on the DCHI webpage! 

Join, learn and submit

We will kick-off our award at the breakfast session during Impact Fest 2020 on 28 October at 8.30 hr. At the (virtual) Humanity Hub you will share the room with coalition members, entrepreneurs and humanitarian professionals. Together through an interactive workshop on problem articulation, we will explore how 2020 has presented the humanitarian sector with several new challenges, or highlighted existing issues to be tackled.  

Date: 28 October 2020 at 8.30 hr.  

Location: Humanity Hub, The Hague / Virtual

For whom: Humanitarian Organisations and their peers 

Step 1: secure your ticket (link in banner)

Step 2: join the session here!