Living with floods: Join us for the next Phase

Last month the Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) reached out to find partners from private sector actors, knowledge institutes and governmental organizations for its Living with Floods Challenge. Together with DCHI the NLRC believes they can make a significant impact and help the vulnerable people most at risk to anticipate on, and minimize the impact of floods in Mozambique.

Now that the call for participants is closed, the Living with Floods challenge has entered a new phase. The 14 promising ideas that NLRC and DCHI have received are now further explored together with the potential partners. This exploration continued during the pitch event that the  NLRC hosted  on the 3rd of December. During this event all organizations had the opportunity to share and discuss their submitted ideas on the Living with Floods challenge, and to get acquainted with each other.

The Marketplace

The next step is the virtual marketplace that will be held on the 21 January. During this event an ecosystem for living with floods will be launched, where ideas on fighting floods can be shared and found. Furthermore we will listen to the potential partners who will present their vision and ideas for the fighting floods during this marketplace. Based upon these final interviews the two most promising ideas will be selected to be piloted in Mozambique from March 2021 onwards.

Rewatch the marketplace here.

Filming a documentary on the proven WANT, FIND, GET model

During the Marketplace the first episode of our documentary following the LWF team on prototyping the WANT, FIND, GET model to innovate humanitarian and development aid premiered! It’s now available to watch in full here!

Innovation in Humanitarian work as an opportunity: filming a documentary on the proven WANT, FIND, GET model

The goal of the programme is to help vulnerable people create a safer community for themselves by their ability to anticipate and act to minimise the impact of floods. See all the information you need below!

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