Innovation in Humanitarian work as an opportunity: filming a documentary on the proven WANT, FIND, GET model

Leaving behind the project-based work and funding driven approaches Sandra Jaipal (Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation) and Michel Becks (Netherlands Red Cross) are prototyping humanitarian aid and development. We recorded their encounters as they WANT to tackle the challenge on how to best help vulnerable people to anticipate on, and minimise the impact of floods in Mozambique.

With the curiosity to listen they hope to FIND local enrichment and sustainable engagement in partnerships. Is the world searching for a new perspective on humanitarian aid and development? Can they jointly raise a new ecosystem? During the a virual Marketplace on 21 January the first episode of our documentary following the LWF team on prototyping the WANT, FIND, GET model to innovate humanitarian and development aid premiered! It’s now available to watch in full here! It invites us to see innovation in humanitarian work as an opportunity…

About the Humanitarian Accelerator Programme: Living with Floods

The goal of the programme is to help vulnerable people create a safer community for themselves by their ability to anticipate and act to minimise the impact of floods. Click on the button below to read the information you need!

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