Human Aid Now and KPMG to pilot an educational platform

DCHI Takes Partnership to Next Level with Joint Impact Plan

A new pilot project orchestrated by DCHI together with Human Aid Now (HAN) and KPMG has been launched in order to test the join impact plan that had been worked out with the objective to ‘help a hero’. It is the ambition to take a big leap forward: from ad hoc personal support for different groups of heroes – key grassroots volunteers in humanitarian aid – to a permanent and centralised space where all heroes can easily access HAN’s accumulated knowledge, resources, and network. The aim is to create a bridge between these driven and passionate volunteers and, for example, our professional network of legal advisors and consultancies.

“Collaborating with Human Aid Now has given us as “team KPMG” the unique opportunity to contribute, in addition to the regular projects we do, to a great, small initiative that has already managed to create a lot of social impact in a short period of time. It was a privilege to help Human Aid Now take the next step in its organizational development with our team. We look forward to a continued collaboration!” – Michiel van Goozen, Strategy & Operations Consultant @ KPMG.

Doing Good and creating value

During the DCHI Coalition Cafe 2021 spring event, KPMG gave an excellent presentation on collaboration and partnerships between NGOs and NPOs. Here’s the recording to rewatch it.

The new partnership between KPMG and Human Aid Now will help the latter to fulfil its vision of doing good and creating value. KPMG will assist Human Aid Now in the execution of their ‘Help a Hero’ project for which they want to integrate the key learnings from long-term volunteers into a digital centre for expertise with the purpose of ensuring higher efficiency and enabling continuity, thereby supporting the indispensable short-term volunteers in their goal to have as much positive impact as possible while they are in the field.

“With the mission of wider adoption of the centre of expertise for volunteers in humanitarian settings and to align with initiatives and organisations striving for the same goal, it is a positive step to have KPMG to acknowledge such a digital platform as part of the supply chain for humanitarian aid and development for the wide scale use!” – Bart Driessen, Co-Founder Human Aid Now.

Joint Impact Plan

Human Aid Now had already taken some significant steps in the articulation of their challenge as they were involved in the 2020 DCHI Best Humanitarian Challenge Award. They searched for partners to set-up a digital centre of expertise. This includes directions on how grassroot volunteer coordinators gather and transfer knowlegde and enter the next phase of their learning cycle and to make their projects more sustainable and effective.

One close collaboration is the partnership with KPMG, a consultancy firm that they met during the DCHI Coalition Café. “We met the representatives of KPMG in March and started a collaboration in July this summer. We kept the conversation going ever since and they will help us in a more in-depth way by making a roadmap with us and to figure out how to get the prototype to a level of maturity. We made a project overview compiled of the work we’ve done for the accelerator which functioned as a handover document to KPMG for them to get up to speed with the project.   Following the consultations and idea generation sessions with different stakeholders, Human Aid Now settled for the Grassroots Daily. The Grassroots Daily is a compilation of messages that get to the coordinators every, for example, morning. Every day they will have an insight into the toughest topics of volunteering. For example, one day you will get an email on how to deal with cultural differences.”

How Innovation works for Human Aid Now? Read more about their actions using the proven Want, Find, Get model here.