Our Humanitarian Innovation Course

Top quality MOOC on Kaya

The DCHI Humanitarian Innovation Course, a MOOC, available on the humanitarian leadership academy platform Kaya, is developed by experts in education and learning innovation, and humanitarian aid and development. The experts and faculty members developed course so they offer just the right amount of challenge, allowing you to learn effectively and work towards your certificate without compromising your other activities.

A core group of 25 eager participants assest the content of the DCHI Humanitarian Innovation Course earlier this year. The weekly lessons are all about collaborating with multiple stakeholders & building a coalition/ ecosystem. They were excited about the interaction and insights it fosters during the course! We Empower The Innovator and build a meaningful coalition to increase the impact and reduce inefficiency and the costs of humanitarian action. The course is enabled by instructors and educators from:

The Online DCHI Humanitarian Innovation Course is now live on Kaya and ready for you to join in! We welcome your participation as well as your feedback. To gain a full learning experience a group of interested early registerants are currently testing the modules from a learner’s perspective. There’s no end to education.