Fighting floods together: we need you!

The Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) is calling out for those most at risk from floods in the peri urban areas of Mozambique. Private sector actors large and small, knowledge institutes and (local) governmental organisations are invited to join the LIVING WITH FLOODS challenge. Together with DCHI, NLRC  believes a significant impact can be created for the vulnerable communities in Mozambique, but only if we partner with you and take action together.

If no action is taken, flood disasters will continue to harm many vulnerable people in Mozambique.

Call for entries is now open!

Registration and application for this international call for entries is now open to help peri-urban communities in Mozambique to anticipate and act on rising flood risks. NLRC and DCHI are calling for businesses of all sizes, knowledge institutes and (local) government organisations to join forces on this challenge following the open innovation principles. To design and deploy (possible scalable) solutions with our local partners in the Idai-affected area.

Living with Floods Programme

DCHI and The Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) invite businesses of all sizes in the private sector, knowledge institutes & (local) government organisations to join forces on this challenge: Manage serious water risk and living with floods (in Mozambique). Following the principles of Open Innovation it aims to solve pressing humanitarian needs. The goal of the programme is to help vulnerable people create a safer community for themselves by their ability to anticipate and act to minimise the impact of floods.

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