DCHI Team Spotlight: Meet Our Intern

As we continue to scale and grow the coalition, DCHI is proud to offer opportunities for students, to gain hands-on communications experience alongside the opportunity to conduct research on humanitarian trends within our coalition. Internships provide crucial insights as students decide on a career path, and we’re thrilled to welcome our new intern Julia Lucidi to our team. We’re confident that she will help us champion positive change in engaging our coalition and their peers, whilst learning valuable skills along the way. Let’s get to know her!

Julia Lucidi, Political Sciences student at the University of Amsterdam
What interested you in interning at DCHI?

“The humanitarian sector has always interested me, and during my studies I became more aware of current challenges and gaps in the field. DCHI’s mission to find new and cooperative solutions through innovation resonated with me. I was curious to help them on their transformative goals and to see (and be a part of!) their work from within.

For the upcoming months here at DCHI I hope to learn more about the cooperative aspects of the coalition, discover innovative practices and help them spread their message in order to grow the coalition.”

Julia Lucidi, Political Sciences student at the University of Amsterdam

“I believe that this opportunity will allow me to have great insights into the field I hope to work in after I graduate. I believe DCHI to be the right platform for me, as it will help me understand the challenges of the humanitarian sector in practice, but from a positive and optimistic perspective. The transformative mentality from DCHI will be a good foundation for my professional development.