Achieving an Innovative Mindset through role-play: The DCHI Simulation Game.

The thoughest part of humanitarian (or any) innovation? Gaining accurate insight into what is needed. The DCHI Simulation offers a playful spin on testing powerful Innovation tools, experienced programmes as well as studies on humanitarian collaboration. Alongside having fun, the simulation delivers a unique learning experience that will empower the innovator in you.

Collaborative Play

During our Annual Event in 2019, DCHI introduced our playful simulation through a role-play game on collaboration. Since then, we have further developed and enhanced the DCHI Simulation, to help you explore the key elements of innovation and fine-tune your collaboration skills for humanitarian aid through play! By following the detailed walktrough in the manual, you will discover different processes through a role-play that will develop you and your team’s innovative mindset.

The DCHI Simulation offers different collaboration frameworks for players to experience, meaning that you can play in-person with your colleagues and/or your stakeholders. The aim of the DCHI Simulation is to empathise with the needs and interests of other stakeholders when adressing humanitarian challenges adequately through innovative joint action. You will learn how and why the game works, how to setup, play and analyse the roles of NGO, beneficiary, innovator or facilitator, and how you can integrate the results into your existing development processes. Learn new methods that foucs your efforts, reduce your costs, accelerate time, and Ensure that the solutions you develop are the right ones.

Get ahead of the game

Altough this game is designed for 4-6 people, current restrictions related to the pandemic makes this diffiult. However, you can get ahead of the game and make sure that after the lockdown you can play our collaboration game with your collegues and peers.

For more information about the game and for more information on how to get your own DCHI Simulation playboard go to the page via the button.