The Living with Floods – Terms, Conditions & Deadlines

The Living with Floods – Terms, Conditions & Deadlines

October 1st, 2020

Here you can find all the terms & conditions for applying, along with an in-depth explanation of the expectations, and a link to our application form and Q&A.


Ideation phase

Potential solution partners are invited to submit their ideas to address the Living with Floods challenge. There will be a couple of opportunities to engage with the design team for a virtual Q&A during this phase. On 29 October during ImpactFest, a virtual session will be hosted for potential partners to collaboratively refine ideas. Final date for submitting your idea is 12 November 2020.

Screening for top ideas

After 13 November 2020, ideas submitted will be reviewed, scored and ranked by the living with floods team. The most promising ideas will be invited to take centre stage, present and receive feedback during a (hybrid) marketplace on 3 December 2020.  top ideas will be selected and announced. Note that a video crew might be present for showcasing purposes of the challenge.

Strategic and shaping partnership

Immediately after selecting the top ideas, the Netherlands Red Cross and our local partners, the International Federation of Red Cross and the Mozambican Red Cross, would like to explore and seize opportunities for collaboration to realize a local pilot for the two top ideas together with the organisations connected to the selected top idea(s). We aim to end this process by the end of February 2021.


On 1 March 2021 the joint commitment to move our collaboration into local action enters the next phase. Building on this collaborative process to clarify resources and conditions needed for piloting, strategic partners are invited to work with the Red Cross Movement and communities to prototype and test solutions at the local level. This phase will roughly take place from the until June 2021. The aim of this pilot phase is to create local impact and to learn and gather input on how best to scale the top ideas further.


The Living with Floods challenge is a process and will consist of several phases. Here is what to focus on per stage of the process for those with the most promising ideas:

Idea screening

The following three criteria are most important for screening and evaluating the  submissions:

Together with these three key criteria we will also take into consideration:

These criteria will be applied to announce the 10 most valuable ideas which will be invited to register for a market place on 3 December 2020. During the market place humanitarian partners represented by local partners will decide upon the 2 top ideas to be pursued during the partnership shaping phase.


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