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The Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation (DCHI) is continuously looking for individuals and organisations who share our commitment to use innovation with public and private partners to increase the impact of humanitarian action. DCHI is open to all parties. We believe that to reach our objective to increase the impact and reduce the costs of humanitarian action all (300+) actors need to be involved.

By joining the DCHI coalition you agree to support DCHI’s work and the commitment to increase the impact and reduce the cost of emergency action through innovation with public and private partners in the Netherlands. Every coalition partner underlines this shared ambition by:

  • Expressing support for the objective and guiding principles of DCHI.
  • Supporting DCHI’s activities with specific knowledge, skills and/or other resources.
  • Joining DCHI innovation activities.
  • Bringing forward ideas and activities that may contribute to the shared ambition.
  • Opt-in to the coalition confirmation, this does not require financial or legal obligation

After the DCHI team has confirmed of your registration form , you will be listed as coalition partner and will get access to login and change your profile here.