Guided by top instrutors, you can develop an innovative mindset and expertise in how organisations (profit and non-profit) successfully create new ideas for marketing new products. This collection of online courses also includes sessions about innovation strategy, idea management and social networks.


Jim Ludema and Amder Johnson

Bring Design Thinking Into Your Office: Easy Ideas For Incorporating More Creative Problem Solving


Grow your innovation capabilities by applying design thinking to different aspects of your organisation and moving people toward new ways of working.

Innovation Courses


Innovation courses from top universities and industry leaders. Learn Innovation online with courses like Innovation: From Creativity to Entrepreneurship and change leadership

Innovation Courses


Bernd Mayer, Joella Klingers, Alex Klinkenberg & Roel de Rijk

Supporting Student Research on Mobilising Humanitarian Innovation for Bottom-Up Results


Saida Benhayoune, Magdalena Kloibhofer, Ankita Panda

12 Practical Tools for Co-designing Inclusive Partnership Models

Humanitarian Leadership Academy

Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation

Humanitarian Innovation Course