Guiding principles


Within the coalition, all partners work according to the DCHI Guiding Principles. These principles are designed to overcome the challenges facing innovation in humanitarian assistance, and to foster sustainable innovation that makes an impact at scale.

Combined leadership from the start
DCHI forms a joint innovation effort by government, businesses, knowledge institutes and humanitarian organizations.
DCHI aims for inclusivity of a diverse group of individuals and communities.

Clear strategy & shared agenda setting
Innovations of DCHI aim to increase the impact and reduce costs of humanitarian assistance.
DCHI sticks to a focus on a limited number of thematic areas for innovation.

Focus from the start on sustainable innovation
DCHI puts affected communities and their needs at the centre.
DCHI aims for a win-win-win for all stakeholders (Winnovation).

Monitoring innovation process and progress
DCHI keeps track of successes and failures.
DCHI captures lessons learned on innovation in the humanitarian sector.

Tell, Sell & Share
DCHI transforms humanitarian assistance by selling and sharing lessons learned and success.
DCHI looks for opportunities for scale up to increase the impact of humanitarian aid.

Our projects are in line with the humanitarian principles
DCHI has a humanitarian purpose.
DCHI respects the user’s autonomy and avoids harm to users and their communities.
DCHI acts according to the principles of integrity, justice and accountability.