You’re invited to virtually join us @impactfest 2020

If we truly want to create more impact in the face of a crisis, we need to start asking the right questions 

At ImpactFest 2020 the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation is calling on governmental actors, knowledge institutes, academia, businesses of all sizes and humanitarian organisations in aid and development, to connect, research and define their most pressing challenge.

You’re invited to 3 exciting events where you will have access to:

  • Knowledge, trends and lessons learned in humanitarian needs and processes
  • Spotlighting opportunities to share inspiration and innovation with your peers
  • New connections and collaborations to empower the innovator in you, and discover possibilities for funding and means for greater cost efficiency
  • A winners breakfast or a head start in our 10.000 Euro Award 

Driving the Humanitarian Energy Transition: Curious how a new way of working is transforming the impact of humanitarian programming? 

Be ready for an energising 2 hours, where clean energy industry stars will share their knowledge and humanitarian experts are challenged to present their energy needs.

14:00 Find out how DCHI and Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) started a Humanitarian Accelerator Programme (HAP) for Access to Modern Energy to support humanitarian organisations.
14:30 Energy Expert Speaker
15:00 Since its launch, 14 humanitarian organisations have been activated by DCHI & RVO to address access to sustainable and modern energy adequately in humanitarian settings. Here at ImpactFest they will spotlight their idea before it will be published on our open market platform Source2Gather.

We will kick-off our award with Impact City at the (virtual) Humanity Hub, where you will share the room with coalition members, entrepreneurs and humanitarian professionals.

08:30 – 09:30: Breakfast Quiz

Who knows best how to identify todays humanitarian challenges?!
Introduced by Saskia Bruines, Deputy Mayor of the City of The Hague and quizmaster Rens Merkelbach, you will need to brush up on your humanitarian general knowledge trivia. Instead of serving you croissants or granola, this game will serve you a start of the day to get you directly into action. The winner will get a free breakfast delivery at home on a date of your choosing.

After this teaser, DCHI will brief you on the criteria for the competition and how to win the 10,000 award for Best Humanitarian Challenge!

09:45 – 11:00: Humanitarian Challenge Award – Claim your video spotlight

Its time for humanitarian organisations to claim the spotlight on how to address the most pressing challenge!
Who needs a solution when you have not clearly stated your challenge? What better way to let the world know how to identify todays humanitarian challenges than by creating a video pitch?! During this online session you will make a short video alongside the pro’s in the studio. A workshop that not only teaches you how to make a video pitch, but helps you get comfortable and confident in articulating today’s humanitarian challenges.

Gathering innovators to reimagine and empower urban environments at risk from floods in Mozambique!

NLRC is seeking strategic partners to join the Living with Floods Challenge and help create lasting impact for the people of Mozambique. Based on the methods of open innovation, DCHI will work you through your own experiences and concepts for the Mozambican context to find joint understandings and opportunities. The breakout sessions are focused on collaboration for businesses of all sizes, innovators, funders, governmental actors and knowledge institutes. It aims to connect experts on the topics of user centred design or valorising concepts to improve your idea.

10:00 – 10:45 Taking on the challenge of living with floods

Engage and grow with the Living with Floods team and experts and discuss viable local solutions in a disaster context.

10:45 – 12:00 Urban environment at risk from floods reimagined

Breakout Session 1: Working within the local context
Optimising user-centered design – How does context influence local design? Discover how a focus on local context can help you improve your idea right now and during the pilot stage.

Breakout Session 2: Valorising potential solutions
The art of valorisation – How to transform an idea to impact? Together with an expert, join us in a discussion on the valorisation potential of your ideas.