DCHI Academy on Knowledge Exchange with Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM)

This edition of the DCHI Academy on Thought Leadership is powered by RSM faculty and featuring highlights of the DCHI Humanitarian Innovation Course.

“We are so different.” Exchange of knowledge between business and the humanitarian sectors  

What role does knowledge management play in the design of your partnerships? How do you develop a commercial perspective on your humanitarian aid or development project? Will it help you? And where should you start?  

Humanitarian organisations and businesses differ significantly. Running a food bank is not the same as running a supermarket, and an organisation delivering relief items after a disaster can’t be compared to PostNL delivering packages. Although collaborating with the private-sector is strongly encouraged when it comes to innovation, the differences in objectives and cultures often act as obstacles that can be off-putting, and seem risky. 

This DCHI academy aims to open up the conversation from all sectors, and explore how we can start sharing insights and knowledge with each other. We will explore some of the fundamental differences between the NGO, NPO and commercial sectors, but more importantly how we can exchange knowlegde and how do Academics and Universities enable us to learn from each other. 

You can join our free learning event on 1 June from 14:30 until 17:00 hr. (CEST). Tune in at this edition of the DCHI Academy with humanitarian managers, business leaders, philanthropes, innovators and academics. The programme has speakers on Strategy, Partnership Management, Non-Profit Management, and Humanitarian Logistics. The event also features an exercise from our latest DCHI Innovation Course, facilitated by alumni, that will help you elevate your future approach to cross-sector partnerships. 


Opening Address

Cross-learning between commercial and humanitarian organisations: Opportunities and risks. Opening Address by Dr Harwin de Vries, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University 
Field experiences on knowledge exchange. Introduction for the paneldiscussion by Prof Lucas Meijs, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

Panel discussion

Successful innovation with and knowledge transfer to an NGO/ NPO requires thorough understanding of these and many other matters. This panel aims to discuss them based on concrete field experience.
Panelists: Astrid Coelman (Achmea Foundation), Michel Becks (The Netherlands Red Cross), Julio Garcia Martz (ZOA) and Prof Rob van Tulder (RSM) Moderator: Dr Harwin de Vries (RSM)


Private Public Partnerships: How do knowlegde management and business model innovation drive humanitarian innovation? Keynote by Prof Rob van Tulder, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University 

Humanitarian Innovation Course Assignment

During this DCHI Academy event we will tap into one of the assignments and case study from the DCHI Humanitarian Innovation Course presented by two DCHI alumni. Hosted by DCHI Academy Alumni Florian Stark and Raphael Dias e Silva. In this assignment, we will work in breakout rooms to concretize and apply what has been conveyed in the keynotes and panel discussion. Participants will also discuss the needs, risks and opportunities for cross-sectoral collaboration and knowledge transfer in this context.