To facilitate the DCHI community to become future-proof, DCHI has been actively reaching out to engage and connect humanitarian actors for 5 years.

Innovation never stops. It helped build impact for some of the largest NGOs and companies in the world. Our proven accelerator methods, the tools, and the partnership co-creation processes are tested, validated, and designed for you to connect online with all humanitarian innovators. 

That’s why DCHI launched Source2Gather which is based on concrete fundamentals of future-proof humanitarian innovation. The platform enables a new way of working for effective aid and development. In this online global marketplace, challenge owners, solution providers, and opportunity seekers are supported to increase their local impact. It is very much a virtual marketplace for the coalition to put organisational values into action. 

The Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation (DCHI), founded in 2016, connected humanitarian organisations, research and educational institutes, businesses of all sizes, and governmental actors. This growing coalition and ecosystem enabled them to jointly find, develop, and scale innovative solutions.

Innovation never stops

All DCHI former and current team members have proven to be a driving force behind innovation, entrepreneurship, and partnerships. The present team members will be serving the coalition until 1 March 2022. We’ve curated the content on this journey towards future proof humanitarian opportunities in the DCHI Magazine about 5 years of global impact. Humanitarian Innovation Re-imagined.  Here’s the proof of the pudding that you can transform humanitarian action through innovation and realise more economic and societal impact at a lower cost.  

The need for humanitarian innovation

In the past decade the need for humanitarian aid has increased and has become more complex. Humanitarian organisations are challenged by the results of persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violations or events which seriously disturbing public order. Innovation is necessary to fulfil this changed reality and to spend the available means and funding effectively. The focus and ability to apply, organise and execute innovation in the humanitarian action is insufficient. Because of fragmented knowledge and lack of Research & Development resources innovative best practices remain isolated and not disseminated. As a result innovative development and promising scaling solutions (and making profitable impact) lags behind. DCHI has improved the process and practice of emergency aid through innovation with public and private partners.

“Imagination is the source of every innovation”

Debasish Mridha