Calling For Collaborators on Humanitarian Energy Challenges!

Calling For Collaborators on Humanitarian Energy Challenges!

Humanitarian Accelerator Programme – November 5th, 2020

Our Access to Modern Energy Programme has moved to the exciting phase where we need your help! All of our participating organisations have been working hard to articulate the specific challenge they wish to tackle around humanitarian energy, and are now seeking solution partners, energy experts and investors.

Together with RVO, the AME Accelerator programme is stimulating joint action for access to modern energy at scale through a proven 3-step innovation model.  Our participating organizations have completed the WANT stage, where they explored the potential of energy and market-based approaches for beneficiaries and humanitariaoperations, for example during our Focal Point Cafe and recent session at ImpactFest. Now in the FIND stage, they have been supported in clearly articulating the challenges facing their organisations, as well as their ambitions for impact. These are now live ready to find meaningful collaborators to ultimately create impact! All the challenges have been published on Source2Gather, our open-source platform that empowers innovators to connect and collaborate on a variety of challenges and initiatives within the humanitarian sector.

Call to Action: Humanitarian Energy Challenges


Initiative: Energy

Access to Modern Energy is increasingly recognized as an area of humanitarian concern. If communities affected by crises go without proper access to energy, it becomes impossible for them to meet the basic needs of life. In fact, if humanitarian organisations do not adequately address access to energy in their programmes, they risk contributing to the very same problems they aim to solve.

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