Humanitarian Accelerator Programme – October 15th, 2020

Two weeks ago, The Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) launched the call for partners, to help those most at risk from floods in the peri urban areas of Mozambique. Private sector actors large and small, knowledge institutes and (local) governmental organisations have been invited to join the Living with Floods challenge.

Since then you have found your way back to us with questions, and some of you already shared their ideas. We would like to thank you all for the interest you have shown so far in the challenge! 

 During the ideation phase we will  

·                Answer your questions,  

·                Explore and elaborate on the local context  

·                Explain the concept & tricks for valorization

·                Find synergy between ideas  

On Wednesday the 21st of October we will start with our weekly virtual office hour sessions. There are 4 sessions in total, the last one on Wednesday the 11th of November. The sessions will take place from 11:00 to 12:30hr (CET Time Zone). Depending on the number of applicants the sessions will have a more open or more private character.  

If you are interested in the upcoming virtual office session of Wednesday 21st of October, please let us know by sending an email to the following email address: You will receive an invitation for a 15 minutes timeslot for the open office session.  Note that you should preferably hand in your questions beforehand together with the requested timeslot.  

Let’s fight floods together!

Call for Entries Still Open

The goal of the programme is to help vulnerable people create a safer community for themselves by their ability to anticipate and act to minimise the impact of floods. See all the information you need via the buttons below!

Apply here! 

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Initiative: Living with Floods

DCHI and The Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) invite businesses of all sizes in the private sector, knowledge institutes & (local) government organisations to join forces on this challenge: Manage serious water risk and living with floods (in Mozambique). Following the principles of Open Innovation it aims to solve pressing humanitarian needs.  

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