Coming Soon: Living with Floods Accelerator Programme with the Netherlands Red Cross

Coming Soon: Living with Floods Accelerator Programme with the Netherlands Red Cross

Humanitarian Accelerator Programme – September 8th, 2020

In a few weeks time, The Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) together with DCHI, will be launching the Living with Floods challenge. This challenge will follow the principles of Open innovation and aims to tap into the brightest minds and expertise available to solve pressing humanitarian needs. NLRC’s aim is to design and carry out an innovative pilot in 2021 together with strategic partners, and with the potential to scale to other geographical areas.  

The Challenge

“Floods always come in the beginning of the year. Many people don’t know about the risks of living near a river, and information about an impending flood and what to do comes too late.

Joao Bento, Red Cross volunteer

Flooding is the most common and most destructive natural hazard worldwide. Over the last twenty years flooding alone accounted for 47% of all weatherrelated disasters1, affecting 2.3 billion people worldwide, with the financial damage costing 40 billion USD annually.  

Mozambique is a country prone to floods on a yearly basis. One of the more recent and devastating was caused by cyclone Idai in 2019, which led to hundreds of deaths and a total of 1.7 million people affected. The World Bank estimates that the negative impact on infrastructure and livelihoods of Idai incurred a financial loss of 2 billion USD. 

Call to Action Coming Soon…

Global warming and climate change are factors that will further increase flood risks in the future. If no action is taken, flood disasters will continue to harm many vulnerable people in Mozambique. The NLRC is passionate about making a difference in this space. Together with DCHI, NLRC is calling out to the private sector actors large and small, knowledge institutes and (local) governmental organizations to join the Living With Floods Challenge. We believe a significant impact can be created for the vulnerable communities in Mozambique, but only if we partner with you and take action together.   

Initiative: Living with Floods

DCHI and The Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) invite businesses of all sizes in the private sector, knowledge institutes & (local) government organisations to join forces on this challenge: Manage serious water risk and living with floods (in Mozambique). Following the principles of Open Innovation it aims to solve pressing humanitarian needs.  

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