DCHI Summer Reading Inspiration

DCHI Summer Reading Inspiration

Humanitarian Innovators Network – July 14th, 2020

The DCHI Summer Reading Inspiration list on Innovation is here! Our Innovation Manager Sandra has compiled a summer reading list, while she’s on staycation here in NL:

“I enjoyed learning about the scaling lessons during the recent DCHI Academy a couple of weeks back from speakers Tarun, Johanna, Frank & Stephanie. As a follow up, I’ve picked up ‘Scaling excellence’ by Robert I Sutton. I just got started, but I already love how dense the book is with varying examples from Silicon Valley to non-profit and their clear cut scaling mantras. If you haven’t got the time to read the whole book, check out this recent webcast. Also, if you like his work and are interested in boosting innovation & creativity, I recommend you also read his classic ‘Weird ideas at Work’.

One of my favorites from last year is ‘The art of gathering’ by Priya Parker. In this book she describes the art and science of gathering in ways that bring joy and fulfillment. For obvious reasons (COVID 19), I’ll be revisiting this gem and looking for ways how I can translate this into online spaces, since our daily work environment is changed drastically.

Since my commute is reduced drastically after the COVID-19 breakout, I haven’t had as much opportunity to listen to my favorite podcasts. I’m trying to re establish the habit, so last Friday on my way to a lunch date I listened to this HBR podcast where Marc Johnson co-founder of consulting firm Innosight proposes that leaders should imagine the future and work backward so they can build their organization for that new reality,  even when the organization is in a time of crisis. Very inspirational, and the best part is, I learned the Ministry of Defense already adopted this way of work and is accumulating their own lessons learned.

So that is it for now, hope you have an inspirational summer!” 

Sandra Jaipal, Innovation Manager DCHI