Top Tips on Public Private Partnerships Following our 2nd Focal Point Café with UNICEF Netherlands

Top Tips on Public Private Partnerships Following our 2nd Focal Point Café with UNICEF Netherlands

Focal Point Café – May 6th, 2020

Last month, DCHI hosted the second edition of the Focal Point Café, co-organised with UNICEF Nederland, when we zoomed in on Public Private Partnerships and successful humanitarian business models, thanks to the fantastic insights presented by TNO and a great interactive session by Fronteer.

We were very happy to virtually welcome 36 participants to join us for an interactive session on successful partnerships. TNO kicked off the session with a fantastic insight into some of their success stories and lessons learnt on partnerships from their various innovation projects. This was followed by Fronteer facilitating a very engaging, interactive workshop where the group were split into break out rooms to come up with some golden rules on successful partnerships. Here are the top tips that al our participants came up with:

Our facilitators also shared some of their golden rues. Our co-host, UNICEF’s Marjanne van der Helm, reflected that: “Setting up any partnership or cooperation between organisations, requires first and foremost a dedicated, enthusiastic and empowered person on each side. The humanitarian sector can become so much more impactful when we incorporate humanitarian business models. Eventually, we would hopefully even be out of work!”

Iskander Tange from Fronteer also shared his best advice: “In building coalitions I’ve learned that one of the most important elements for success is a shared goal or vision of a (better) future world. One that is ambitious, inspiring and tangible in some way. Such a shared goal glues partners together, and if sticky enough, will create a movement. I strongly believe in the power of collaboration to tackle the big challenges – especially the ones that the humanitarian sector faces”

We were very pleased with how much energy our participants and facilitators gave, despite the event happening virtually. We would like to thank everyone who attended, and particularly our presenters from TNO, Fronteer and our co-hosts UNICEF Netherlands

Be sure to keep an eye on the website for our next Focal Point Café coming back for its third edition in June:

“These cafes enrich our knowledge and help us build connections with other organisations from various sectors. Which is the start of collaboration and innovation”

“it’s a great format for getting to know other organisations from both sides. I will definitely be joining next time, hopefully with some other colleagues”

Initiative: Focal Point Café

DCHI is very excited to announce that we will be hosting regular Focal Point Café meetings in 2020 as our newest networking opportunity within the Humanitarian Innovation Sector! We will host regular meet-ups that will offer the perfect opportunity to network in a casual-setting, whilst having the opportunity to hear about humanitarian innovation cases and relevant themes, as well as exploring best practices and lessons learnt from various organisations.

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