Resources for Humanitarian Innovators during COVID-19

Resources for Humanitarian Innovators during COVID-19

Collaboration – April 8th, 2020

As we’re witnessing the continued impact of COVID-19 on the world, we have been inspired by the great examples of organisations sharing their capabilities, from adapting existing solutions for the new challenges that are emerging, to the development of frugal innovations and collaborating with unlikely allies. Many partners are sharing their challenges and solutions with DCHI, so our aim is to use this momentum by collating these and publicising them as a resource for our coalition, alongside any other information that could aid the response to the crisis in an innovative way. Our goal is to demonstrate the impact that innovative thinking, and working together can have on the way we respond to new challenges within these unprecedented times. Our aim is to continue building on this resource as new information emerges, so keep an eye on our website or get in touch if you would like to contribute!



Elrha: Research To Support Covid-19 Response In Humanitarian Settings

Elrha is launching an urgent funding call that will produce robust findings, which will contribute to the effectiveness of the current humanitarian response.This call focuses on identified priorities related to the current COVID-19 outbreak in humanitarian settings in low and middle-income countries. Proposals addressing innovative solutions are welcome. Elhra are operating a rolling application window, with the final deadline being the May 4th.

Start Network: Rapid Response COVID-19 Fund to Support Vulnerable People in Low-Income Countries

Start Network has recently launched a new fund which will be part of their existing funding mechanism, the Start Fund, enabling the network to get the fund set up as quickly as possible. ‘Start Fund COVID-19’ will provide rapid funding for small to medium responses at the local level, neglected or underfunded aspects of the broader COVID-19 response and for early and anticipatory humanitarian action, needed before the virus spreads to vulnerable communities.

Other Useful Resources:

Pooled Resources for Humanitarians:


Alongside their funding, Elrha have collated a substantial list of useful resources for humanitarians, and their existing tools that could be applied in response to the crisis


They have created a response portal with several different tools, guidelines and lessons learnt from their own coalition that can also be of use in response to COVID-19

Responding to New Challenges & Finding Innovative Solutions:

Response Innovation Lab

The Response Innovation Labs are responding to the Covid-19 health crisis in four country labs – Somalia, Uganda, Iraq and Puerto Rico. They have identified challenges in each response, the innovation selected to match solutions, and activities being undertaken in support: Read on here

Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps have created an insightful overview on how they are responding to COVID-19 in their project regions, offering information on how the virus is creating new challenges, alongside an update that shows a snapshot of their early response around the world

Private Sector Collaboration:

Business Fights Poverty​

Alongside several insightful articles about the impact of, and response to the crisis, they have shared a webinar about the actions being taken on the ground in Kenya to tackle the spread of COVID-19, and about the action that businesses can take in collaboration with government and civil society, particularly to support those who are most vulnerable. They have also launched a call to action for wide-scale collaboration with businesses to respond to COVID-19.