Welcome Back to our Innovation Manager Roza Freriks!

Welcome Back to our Innovation Manager Roza Freriks!

Team – February 13th, 2020

We are very happy to welcome our colleague Roza back to the DCHI Team after her time on Maternity Leave. We asked her what she is most looking forward to now that she is back at work:

What is your background & what drew you towards working for DCHI? 

Before I joined DCHI, I worked as humanitarian worker specialised in Child Protection and care for survivors of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV). After working in South Sudan, Somalia, and Lebanon, DCHI offered a great opportunity to build on my experience from working in the field, to explore collaboration with new and surprising partners on how aid could be organised more effectively.

What have been your personal highlights so far during your time at DCHI?

I enjoy working for DCHI a lot, particularly when I really feel that the meetings facilitated by us, lead to fresh and applicable insights. I particularly enjoyed shaping the Access to Modern Energy initiative; it is a topic where so much can be gained environmentally, socially, as well as financially. Being a relatively recent topic within humanitarian work, it is also a field that creates an interesting space for new players to make an impact. I am proud to see how the innovative projects came out of our collaboration with RVO last year, are now being implemented in Uganda, Sudan, and Ethiopia.

What are you most looking forward to when you return to work?

There are a lot of people in particular, that I look forward to meeting and working with together again. Passionate humanitarian workers, driven entrepreneurs, people in government that tirelessly work to make the changes in policy that allow for breakthroughs in practice. I have had a wonderful time over the past months with my newborn daughter Caro, but now I am looking forward to the professional input from the partners to the Coalition again too.

Picture by Martijn Beekman.