Winner of the Best Humanitarian Award 2019 Announced!

Winner of the Best Humanitarian Award 2019 Announced!

DCHI Award – October 21st, 2019

In collaboration with The Spindle, DCHI created and presented this years Award for Best Humanitarian Innovation at the 2019 Partos Innovation Festival.

The exciting ceremony resulted in The Maggie Shelter receiving first prize, awarded by our chairmen of the Jury and our Board member for the Municipality of The Hague, Wim Jansen.

The Maggie Shelter is an impressive solution for the reception of refugees. The shelter has the looks of a tent but all the benefits of a fixed building, and can be used all year round. Out of the great initiatives that made the top three, Maggie Shelter stood out because of its effort to involve and empower the local population, alongside its sustainability, through using natural resources found in the local area to insulate the tents.

Benjamin Denef, CEO and founder of DMOA architects  and The Maggie Shelter, was very pleased with the award and the opportunities that come with it:

“It opens up doors to a new network, underlines the quality of the innovation and provides visibility. The Maggie Program wants to be a change maker in the world of humanitarian aid. We want to make missions sustainable, inclusive, circular and especially cost efficient. However, the sector is very complex and daunting if you want to implement an innovation quickly, and getting things moving.This award gives a boost in bringing the new insights easily to the major actors and in this way to upscale the impact.”

After being asked what the future holds for Maggie shelter, Benjamin replied: “Our view of the future is that our innovative approach will lead to new insights and help the sector become more sustainable”

Want to know more about this fantastic initiative? See here find out more!

We would like to congratulate every organisation who submitted their innovative projects for this years award, and in particular our runners up, Solar Techno and the Initiative against Malaria. Once again we would like to thank The Spindle and Partos for making this award possible, and to our Jury for their time and expertise.

We will next see The Maggie Shelter at out Annual Event 2019. Not got your ticket yet or want to know more? Find out more about our event here, and sign up to our newsletter for all our future updates!