Annual Event 2019 Registration & Info: November 5th!

Annual Event 2019 Registration & Info: November 5th!

DCHI Annual Event – October 9th, 2019

Registration and our Keynote Speaker Announcement is now live. Scroll down to register for your tickets today!

In true DCHI style we will host an interactive event on November 5th during ImpactFest, fully focused on collaboration. We look forward to bringing together experts, practitioners and professionals around the theme:

The Future is Now!
Using digitalisation to create a positive impact in the humanitarian context


Our aim is to inspire the coalition with existing and future technical solutions and the potential that these offer. This year the DCHI Annual Event is the starting point of the approach that we are developing as a coalition What we learn today will be processed into this approach, which we will continue to refine to ensure that, as a coalition, we realise more impact through innovation and collaboration in the humanitarian context. For more information on our Annual Event mission? See here!

So what are you waiting for? Read more about our keynote and register below to secure your tickets!


A specialist in the field of Singularity, keynote speaker Yuri van Geest will show us what we should know from the convergence of emerging technologies such as ICT, biotech, nanotech, artificial intelligence and new energy and how we can put them into practice.

Energized by Yuri’s talk we engage into an interactive workshop where we will link innovative developments to the practice of humanitarian emergencies. With an emphasis on learning from each other and creating new opportunities, we have no doubt you will leave the event inspired!


9:30                    Doors open

10:15                   Opening DCHI

10:30                  Keynote by Yuri van Geest

11:15                    Interactive workshop

13:00                   Lunch

Afternoon:          Roundtables & Networking @ Impact Fest