‘Feeding Cities and Migration’ Conference

‘Feeding Cities and Migration’ Conference

Partner Content – October 7th, 2019

Wageningen University & Research organises a work conference on ‘Feeding Cities and migration’ on World Cities Day 2019 on October 31st.

The world is rapidly urbanising. The flow of people into city areas causes challenges to urban food systems because of insufficient logistic capacities and weak food market governance. Moreover, urbanisation is linked with dietary changes towards more natural resource-intensive and energy-dense diets, and with the triple burden of malnutrition. Urban Food systems are highly challenging urban planning and food and natural resource policy development.

Towards a sustainable, resilient and adaptive urban food system

A sustainable, resilient and adaptive urban food system is crucial to ensure quality of life in urban areas and in the end reach Zero Hunger and sustainable cities and communities.

       How do we feed the city
       with sufficient safe and healthy food?

       What are possible pathways to enhance transition
       towards resilient and sustainable urban food systems?

       Which strategic interventions and solutions are needed?

Wageningen University & Research has set the ambition to work on a better understanding of Urban Food Systems, and test how resilient and adaptive these systems are. In doing so, WUR seeks to generate a well-informed basis for strategic interventions and solutions.

Where could we meet in action?

We value early involvement of all parties concerned -from policy level to the field- to reach common understanding, joint action and maximum societal impact. This working conference is dedicated to this.

We would like to share with you our objectives, first analysis and view on future actions, reflect on the set course and –last but not least- see where we could meet in action.

We hope to welcome you on the 31st of October, in De Reehorst (Ede)

Get in touch for more information or to register!