DCHI Award Top 3 Announced!

DCHI Award Top 3 Announced!

DCHI Award – September 27th, 2019

We are excited to announce our chosen top 3 for the Best Humanitarian Innovation Award 2019, in partnership with The Spindle. On the 11th of October, we will be announcing the winner at the Partos Innovation Festival.  


We were looking for life-saving or life-improving innovations to help the most vulnerable people impacted by humanitarian or natural crises. We were particularly interested in Innovations that engage the private sector and involve input from affected communities using data in order to provide, supply, or locally generate clean water and sanitation, energy, life-saving information, or health supplies and services to help those affected. We were specifically looking for initiatives that will make humanitarian aid more effective and efficient, in the fields of Safety and Protection and Energy in particular.


And so, the Top 3 nominees are…




by SolarTechno, The Netherlands 


SolarTechno’s NoGrid is a revolutionary modular system integrating Li-ion battery, thermal management, and solar panels. The NoGrid is modular, portable, maintenance-free and easy to install and use. The modules can be connected to each other to create a solar generator of whichever required size and there is no need for engineers for the design and installation.


The Maggie Shelter

by The Maggie program, Belgium 

The Maggie program addresses needs of displaced people. The Maggie shelter is the first innovation that originated from this broader initiative. Designed for when and where fixed structures are not permitted, practical or desired. The Maggie is a sturdy, highly-insulated, sustainable shelter that is adaptable to all climates. A temporary shelter with the benefits of a building. 

Mbombo Initiative Against Malaria

By Solidaridade Na Mokili, Brazil

Where clinical research meets artificial intelligence to defeat malaria. We turn data into better outcomes by analysing, visualising and understanding it. By developing an algorithm that helps to predict the number of future incidents, we make decisions that allow us to use our limited resources better in areas that need it the most. We want to be a generation that will eradicate malaria and achieve one of the greatest humanitarian accomplishments.

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