Meet our new Communications & Events Manager Marcela Rilovic

Meet our new Communications & Events Manager Marcela Rilovic

Team – June 6th, 2019

What is your background?

My professional background is quite diverse. I started off my career in book publishing, moved to teaching and coaching, to an editorial role in a large non-for-profit in the field of international education, and lastly to marketing and communications for a start-up and social enterprise in the field of sustainable travel. The common thread throughout, though, has always been a strong belief in the mission of organisation I work for, and a focus on telling their story.

In what way does it relate to Humanitarian Innovation?

Good question 😊 While I may be new to the field of humanitarian aid, innovation & communication strategies around it played a big part in my previous role. Figuring out how to best tell and frame the story of innovation to the “business as usual”. I am looking forward to doing the same at DCHI!

What drew you towards this role at DCHI?

As with all my previous role, a strong belief in the mission and vision of the organisation, and their power to “do good”. In particular, I was drawn to the start-up feel of the organisation, and our capability to bring together actors who would otherwise make unlikely partners (business and non for profit, large humanitarian aid organizations and small-scale start-ups, etc). That’s an exciting story and one I can’t wait to showcase.

 What are you most looking forward to about working for DCHI?

I am looking forward to working together with a great, enthusiastic team to tell the story of DCHI, and showcase our projects and success; so we can make our partners shine! I am also looking forward to getting to know our partners, and can’t wait to help give shape to our next Annual Event in November. Watch this space!