Meet our new Innovation Manager Sandra Jaipal

Meet our new Innovation Manager Sandra Jaipal

Team – June 5th, 2019

What is your background?

I have a background in Project management. For the past decade I’ve been realising all kinds of projects for ANWB, ranging from the retail unit to their core business of Roadside Assistance and the ANWB Emergency Contact Center.  Through the years I have moved on to the introductions of new products & services, which triggered my professional interest in innovation and how these types of initiatives significantly differ from regular projects.

In what way does it relate to Humanitarian Innovation?

I have to confess, this is my first stint in the humanitarian sector. However, my favourite projects were the ones for the unit Roadside Assistance and the Emergency Contact Centre. I’ve noticed the entire dynamic of the project would be different, since there was a clear and shared purpose within the different teams to deliver for a more vulnerable target audience.

What drew you towards this role at DCHI?

Well, I can be short and sweet about this; the obvious link to innovation, wherein lies my professional (and maybe even personal) interest. That, in combination with the challenges ahead in the sector, made it a no-brainer for me to apply.

What are you most looking forward to about working for DCHI?

I’m looking forward to collaborate and build further with the brand new DCHI team and  our partners on interesting innovative initiatives. I am also looking forward to broaden my horizon with regards to the humanitarian sector, as that’s a whole new world for me! But mostly? I’m looking forward to that feeling of ‘Yes, WE created impact’.