Meet Our New Team Lead Guido Jilderda

Meet Our New Team Lead Guido Jilderda

Team – May 8th, 2019

What is your background?

My background. Well, over the last 10 years, I have developed and executed (open-) innovation development strategies in sectors like Fast Moving Consumer Good’s, Manufacturing and Governments. A significant part of my projects have kickstarted innovations through large eco-system activations and new collaborative programs.

In what way does it relate to Humanitarian Innovation?

Well, I strongly believe potential innovations for humanity and/ or that support the humanitarian and social space are mainly realized through strong collaborative efforts that leverage each eco-system partner’s competencies. In other words, we can innovate better and faster through strategic engagement with ecosystems. There is a saying that goes: “Many hands make light work” – I would add ‘only when competencies are aligned’.

What drew you towards this role at DCHI?

Very straightforward story actually. I got a message with attached this role from someone close to me, asking; “Isn’t this is what you do and want?”. DCHI allows me to commit to what I enjoy, whilst being able to offer knowledge and know-how within a wider innovation context.

What are you most looking forward to about working for DCHI?

To help build, grow and showcase with our awesome team. To work together with this great coalition – and partnerteam that DCHI already has in place. And (of course!) to help leverage the know-how, capabilities and competencies of problem owners in the humanitarian field to formulate their challenges, find new ideas and innovative approaches.