DRA Partners Working Hard on Safety & Protection Challenge Briefs

DRA Partners Working Hard on Safety & Protection Challenge Briefs

Humanitarian Accelerator Programme – April 2nd, 2019

Last week DCHI had the opportunity to check in with our Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) Partners for the first time since the Kick-Off of the Safety & Protection Accelerator programme at the beginning of this month. We facilitated a short working session to gain feedback from their progress so far, and offer further guidance on the challenge brief phase, which will go on to frame their pilot initiatives.

The DRA partners are working hard and many have been collaborating with each other. They are currently in the process of finalising their challenge briefs, which is a crucial point in re-defining their problem-statements as actionable-projects.  This session was seen as “a useful step in the process of creating question led, innovation proposals, as well as encouraging collaboration between Dutch Relief Alliance partners to further stimulate this” according to Richard Kooge from CARE Nederland.

Nearly all organisations now have some chosen scope for their pilot, albeit a specific topic or country. “The Challenge Brief workshop provided a great opportunity for DRA-members to receive initial feedback from our peers on the challenges we intend to pitch, which allowed us to sharpen our ideas” Stijn Koster from Save the Children stated. “Because of the transparent nature of the process, partners with similar topics were already found to further collaborate with”.

One of the primary pieces of feedback was that the process of developing challenge briefs first, before defining potential solutions was very much considered innovation in-itself. However the process of accurately defining the challenge first will be beneficial in engaging a wider audience to further progress collaboration when it comes to realising their challenges as pilots with innovative solutions. We hope that the DCHI platform will aid the matchmaking process further. For now though, the DRA partners are making excellent progress !

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Initiative: Safety and Protection

If people affected by crisis are provided with food and medical aid, but remain unsafe from conflict, something vital is missing from an adequate humanitarian response. To better address the current issues around safety and protection which crisis affected populations and humanitarian staff are facing, the opportunities provided by new technologies and innovation, need to be explored.

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