Kick-off of the Safety & Protection Accelerator Programme

Kick-off of the Safety & Protection Accelerator Programme

Humanitarian Accelerator Programme – March 5th, 2019

On March 4th DCHI facilitated the kick-off workshop for all the members of the Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) of the Dutch Relief Alliance Innovation Fund Call 2019 (DIF Call 2019). The goal of the workshop was to define general Problem Statements which form the basis for the members to choose which challenges from in the field they will focus on, as well as to encourage collaboration between the different DRA members.

The kick-off workshop was attended by all DRA members, including parties such as War Child, Stichting Vluchteling, Oxfam Novib, and CARE Netherlands, and was hosted by Save The Children. DCHI and DRA were pleased to see the ambition, enthusiasm, and interest from the DRA members who all proved to be highly committed to finding and learning about innovative solutions that can help solve specific problems in the area of Safety and Protection.

Together, the participants discussed the problems in this field which had been shared with them by their local colleagues. Problems for which the organisations participating were hoping to find new solutions, ranged from the lack of mental health support to conflict-affected populations, to the barriers that beneficiaries face in accessing the services that are provided to them, and the question how to best address the social norms and power structures that are often underlying violence and abuse.

Now that the problem statements have been defined, the participants will go back to their field colleagues, to elaborate on the specific challenges they are facing in their humanitarian work. Next, these challenges will be shared with their partners and external networks including the DCHI ecosystem. This will enable ‘outsiders’ to share their knowledge, expertise, skills and (parts of) the possible solutions to support the organisations in realizing an impactful change in the described situations.

Are you curious what will be the challenges that the humanitarian organisations taking part in the DIF Call 2019 will take up? Keep a close eye on this website to follow all updates.

Initiative: Safety and Protection

If people affected by crisis are provided with food and medical aid, but remain unsafe from conflict, something vital is missing from an adequate humanitarian response. To better address the current issues around safety and protection which crisis affected populations and humanitarian staff are facing, the opportunities provided by new technologies and innovation, need to be explored.

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